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I owe the deepest gratitude to Charlie Buttrey, the most enthusiastic, positive, supportive injury attorney ever. He is a loving human being first, who shares me sentiment about seeking restitution without ruining another person’s life. Last June 2012, I was struck by a car while riding my bicycle. The driver was an 84-year-old man who made an illegal turn into my path and hit me without seeing me. I sustained serious injuries including two broken cervical vertebrae, a broken thumb, lacerations that required stitches on my knees, a lost tooth and a broken tooth, serious abrasions from head to toe, and the psycho-emotional stress of related recovery implications. 
I was forced to eliminate my athletic passions and was on bed rest wearing a neck brace for eight weeks. Charlie took the reins from the first moment I walked into his office following my hospital stay. He ensured that I was taken care of so that I could relinquish the stressful administrative, financial and legal tasks associated with my life-changing event. His support and presence played a significant role in the speed and positive mood of my whole experience.
Kelley Dole Mother, personal trainer, cyclist, runner, swimmer, rower, healthy planet enthusiast

I was on my way to work when I was involved in a serious collision with a drunk driver. My car went over the guardrail and rolled, and I was knocked unconscious. I suffered a traumatic brain injury and a cervical fracture, and I was hospitalized for several days and was unable to return to work full-time for three months.
I put my faith in Charlie. While I was engaged in the slow process of getting better, he was working tirelessly with two different insurance companies to make sure that I was compensated for my medical bills, my lost wages and my pain and suffering. Like any good lawyer, he was diligent and thorough. Unlike most lawyers, he treated me with both compassion and a gentle, and very welcome,
sense of humor. I would not trade what I went through for ANY amount of money. But I am glad Charlie was there when I needed him.
Ray Fetto Canaan, NH

We are all aware of and thankful for the sacrifice and efforts made by the men and women who serve and fight for this Country to protect the freedoms we enjoy today. My personal thanks go out to anyone who has served our Country.
My name is John E Sanville Jr. resident of Canaan, NH. I have lived in the Upper Valley all my life and I have a lot of immediate family members who live there as well.
Within our legal system, we fight battles in local court rooms every day; court cases that sometimes determine our rights to our freedom. I can speak personally on this subject because of my own experience going through a lengthy court battle some years ago. This battle could have resulted in me losing my freedom for a very long time if I were found guilty of a crime I did not commit. Because the severity of what I was being accused of, I was put through the Superior Court, a branch of court I never had been familiar with.
Thank God I was able to obtain Charlie Buttrey as an attorney. Throughout the length of time that it took to finally go to trial, Mr. Buttrey and his resourceful staff were nothing less than amazing. The process of going through the Superior Court branch was an eye opener; a situation that I had never had to deal with, and the overwhelming emotions that I went through were intense. Despite this, I always felt a sense of security each time I went to meet with Mr. Buttrey prior to going to trial. At the close of a three day trial sitting in front of a twelve person jury, it ended with a unanimous verdict of not guilty. Mr. Buttrey made believers out of my family and friends who went to court to support me. The legal system can and does work with the right person at the wheel. I owe a world of thanks to Charlie Buttrey and his team for everything they did for me, and I will always be forever grateful.
John E Sanville Jr. Canaan, NH

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