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Adieu to the Writer’s Almanac

December 2, 2017

If you watch a lot of legal dramas on television, you rarely see the lawyers spending their time traveling to and from court. I spent a LOT of time traveling to and from court. And to pass the time, I listen to a LOT of podcasts. And perhaps my favorite (not least because it’s only five minutes long) is The Writer’s Almanac.

Well… it WAS my favorite.

The Writer’s Almanac was a supremely interesting compendium of tidbits of information regarding people who were born on, or events that occurred on, the date of that particular episode, followed by the reading of a short poem. It was distributed by Minnesota Public Radio and hosted by Garrison Keillor.

You have doubtless heard that Keillor has been accused of some sort of sexual impropriety. Although Minnesota Public Radio has been tight-lipped about the details, it has not only ended The Writer’s Almanac, MPR will be giving “A Prairie Home Companion” — with which Keillor was associated for decades — a new name.

I have no idea what Keillor may or may not have done, and I might have chosen not to listen to the podcast if the details were divulged (even though Bill Cosby created some terrific stand-up bits, I cannot bring myself to listen to them anymore), but I’m not sure terminating its production makes a lot of sense.

Besides, where else am I now going to learn that, for instance, when the King James Bible was first published, the Early Modern English that it employed was no longer commonly spoken, but was used because King James insisted it sounded more distinguished than the English vernacular then in use?

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