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After the lockdown… what next?

September 13, 2017

In the early afternoon yesterday, the relative calm of the area around my office was disrupted by a series of sirens belonging to a large number of emergency vehicles all heading somewhere in a hurry. We quickly learned that there was an active shooter at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center a couple of miles away.  The medical center employs thousands of people (including my wife and my son), and employees were advised that they were in a “Code Silver” (which meant that they should either lock down in place or get as far from the premises as possible).

For those of us who didn’t know any of the details, which arrived in dribs and drabs and without any reasonable assurance of their veracity, the first hour or so after the initial news it was a tense time.  I was able to contact my wife and son within 20 minutes or so, and was relieved to know that they were safe.  Two or three hours later, we learned that a man had gone to the ICU and had murdered his mother by shooting her.  I understand he was arrested in his car as he tried to drive away, but was stuck in the massive traffic jam as everyone else was trying to leave the premises at the same time.

I imagine that, in response to this incident, law enforcement, the State and the medical center will create some study groups or committees or commissions or whatever to evaluate the response to what happened and to generate some report of some kind or another recommending changes to various protocols (perhaps including metal detectors at all entrances).

And nobody–nobody–will talk about the astonishingly and sinfully easy way in which guns can be obtained in this country.


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