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An upbeat story from the gridiron

February 14, 2018

Danny Lilya was born paralyzed from the waist down.  By the age of two, he had been in a body cast for a year.  He has had nine surgeries on his spine and feet.

That hasn’t stopped Danny, now 16 years old, from playing high school football.

According to this CBS report, Danny is the holder for the placekicker on the Moose Lake (MN) High School football team. This past season, he held for more than 20 successful extra points.  And last December, he received an invitation from the Minnesota Vikings to hold for them during practice.  And he left that practice with two Super Bowl tickets.

Asked if he is concerned that his son might get hurt out in the football field, Danny’s dad’s response is epic: “What could be the worst thing that could happen as far as an injury goes? He’d get paralyzed?”

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