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Gambling or gaming?

January 11, 2018

Kathy Gilroy has campaigned against gambling in Illinois for decades, speaking out against casinos, raffles and video pokers.  In 2017, she blew the whistle on a $1.6 million Queen of Hearts raffle put on by the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in rural Morris, forcing it to shut down hours before the planned drawing, until the raffle was properly licensed.

Which makes it somewhat ironic that she recently won $25,000 by playing a sweepstakes game at a gambling cafe in her hometown of Villa Park. As it turns out, despite her longtime anti-gambling activism, Gilroy has a history of playing and winning sweepstakes. She’s landed prizes including electronics and trips to the Bahamas and California. She once won a big-screen TV from a mechanic, but asked instead for $1,000 in service. A week later, her transmission went out, and she quickly got her money’s worth.

Explains Gilroy, “God was showing his grace on me” for her noble fight against gambling. Besides, she says, “It’s the gambling I oppose, not the sweepstakes.”

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