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Harper’s says…

December 4, 2017

I haven’t turned to the Harper’s Index to fill these pages in some time. Now is as good a time as any. Herewith some bid-sized tidbits from the most recent Harper’s Index:

Minimum number of times since September 2015 that Donald Trump has referred to Christmas in speeches : 23

Number of those references that suggested the holiday was under attack : 19

Median age of voters in the 2016 US presidential election : 53

In mayoral elections : 57

Ratio of white millennials who view the Republican Party favorably to those who view the Democratic Party favorably : 1:1

Portion of Americans who prefer to try alternative treatment before being prescribed pain medication : 4/5

Percentage by which opioid prescriptions outnumber residents in Trinity County, California : 44

Estimated percentage change in male labor-force participation since 1999 that is linked to the opioid epidemic : –20

In female labor-force participation : –25

Percentage increase since 2015 in the amount West Virginia spends on substance-abuse prevention and treatment : 3

On hiring contractors to transport corpses : 102

Portion of migrants found dead in southern Arizona since 2001 who have yet to be identified : 2/5

Rank of the United States in 2014 among countries in which expats most want to live : 5

In 2017 : 43

Percentage of US births that are paid for by Medicaid : 47

Estimated portion of part-time college faculty in the United States who receive public assistance : 1/4

Number of US states that have reported teacher shortages since 2005 : 50

Projected year in which the median net worth of black Americans will be $0 : 2053

Average amount an American has paid in income taxes since 2001 to fund wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria : $7,170

Estimated percentage of Americans for whose entire lives the United States has been at war : 21

For the majority of whose lives the United States has been at war : 46

Ratio of domestic terrorism cases under investigation by the FBI to cases involving foreign terrorist groups : 1:1

Percentage of African extremists who point to religion as a reason for joining an extremist group : 51

Who point to government action : 71

Number of German churches that housed asylum seekers last year to prevent their deportation : 692

Portion of Seattle’s luxury office space occupied by Amazon : 1/5

Estimated percentage increase since 1992 in the US Amish population : 150

Estimated average percentage change last year in the traffic to news websites that announced a shift to video : –60

Portion of downtown San Francisco traffic violations from April to June that were committed by ride-sharing drivers : 2/3

Amount that North Korea owes New York City in parking tickets : $152,505

That Egypt owes : $1,989,554

Value of the prizes revoked from the Irish owners of a greyhound racing champion that tested positive for cocaine : $35,000

Total number of penalty minutes for fighting accrued by the NHL’s senior vice president of player safety : 1,092

Minimum number of NHL players whose children have been baptized in the Stanley Cup : 2

Whose children have defecated in the cup : 2

Portion of EPA Superfund sites whose cleanup costs are borne entirely by taxpayers : 3/10

Year in which wild bison were last observed in Germany before a sighting in September of this year : 1755

Estimated hours after the sighting that the bison was killed by a local hunter : 5

Percentage change since October 2014 in the number of complaints about rats in Washington, D.C. : +64

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