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Harper’s says…

January 6, 2018

Once a month (or so), I turn to the Harper’s Index to give my readers those enticing factual nuggets they can’t find anywhere else.  Herewith January’s Index:

Percentage by which a marijuana user is likelier than others to eat fast food five or more times in a given week : 75

Amount the US pharmaceutical industry spent in 2016 on ads for prescription drugs : $6,400,000,000

Number of countries in which direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical ads are legal : 2

Percentage of moisturizers sold in the United States as “fragrance-free” that contain a fragrance : 45

Of moisturizers sold as “hypoallergenic” that contain a common allergen : 83

Estimated chance that a white woman in Washington, D.C., has a tanning-salon addiction : 1 in 5

Percentage change between 2005 and 2014 in the number of French people undergoing weight-loss surgery : +269

Factor by which an obese woman is less likely than other candidates in France to be offered a job interview : 6

Percentage of applicants for dog-walking jobs through the app Wag! who are successful : 5

Of recently graduated applicants for jobs at Goldman Sachs who are : 4

Percentage by which white job applicants in the United States were preferred over black applicants in 1989 : 36

In 2015 : 36

Percentage of black Americans earning less than $25,000 a year who say they have been called a racial slur : 40

Of black Americans earning more than $75,000 : 65

Percentage of US Latinos who would support a law criminalizing offensive speech about white people : 47

Of US whites : 26

Percentage of US whites who believe white Americans are discriminated against : 55

Who say they’ve experienced discrimination themselves : 21

Amount white supremacist Richard Spencer paid the University of Florida to give a speech last October : $10,564

Estimated amount the university paid for security : $600,000

Percentage of Asian-American doctors who have had a patient request a different physician because of their ethnicity : 22

Percentages of Democrats and Republicans who say workplace sexual harassment is a very serious problem in Hollywood : 55,58

In the rest of the country : 45,22
Percentage of news stories about Donald Trump during his first sixty days in office that were positive : 5

Percentage of 2016 Clinton voters who think it’s hard to be friends with Trump voters :61

Of Trump voters who think it’s hard to be friends with Clinton voters : 34

Factor by which George W. Bush’s popularity among Democrats has increased since 2009 : 4

Average number of days the National Rifle Association waits to tweet after a major mass shooting : 6.3

Number of Texas inmates who donated money for Hurricane Harvey relief : 6,663

Number of days after the hurricane for which Texas prisoners lacked adequate food and water : 33

Portion of voting-age Floridians who have been disenfranchised because of felony convictions : 1/10

Percentage of youth library cards in New York City that were suspended due to overdue books before an October amnesty : 17

Total amount of debt that was forgiven : $2,250,000

Largest single fine : $1,422.69

Date on which New York City repealed a law requiring bars to have a license to allow dancing : 10/31/2017

Estimated percentage of bars that had such a license : 0.4

Amount a Canadian man was fined for singing “Everybody Dance Now” too loudly in his car : $117

Number of animated Jackie Chan Adventures episodes found on Osama bin Laden’s computer : 33

Of crocheting videos : 29

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