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You don’t see THIS every day

September 12, 2017

Jeffrey Shaver has a beef with the Waterloo (Ont.) regional police, and he’s not afraid to let the world know about it.  That is why he has been staging a protest outside the Kitchener, Ontario courthouse wearing only bright-green, Speedo-style underwear.  While holding a sign reading “Return my bong.”

Shaver, 31, is a registered medical marijuana user, but claims that he was arrested for possession and now the police will return neither the pot they seized, nor the bong.

Shaver said he has also filed a complaint about his arrest with the Officer of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD), which oversees all complaints about police in Ontario. In response, according to this article in The Star, the Waterloo regional police are reviewing the circumstances of Shaver’s claim and “appreciate Mr. Shaver’s frustrations and want to assure him that his concerns are being looked at and will be addressed.”

Meanwhile, Shaver said he will continue his scantily clad protests until he gets his belongings back.

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