Charlie Buttrey

January 27, 2021

So, the House of Representatives has walked over an article of impeachment, and the Senate will conduct an impeachment hearing in a couple of weeks. Fine.

Here’s what bothers me: How can ANY Senator — Democrat or Republican — announce IN ADVANCE which way he or she is going to vote? Shouldn’t they first, oh, I don’t know… maybe… LISTEN TO THE EVIDENCE??

According to this article in the New York Times, fully 64 Senators (35 Democrats and 29 Republicans) have already announced how they are going to vote. I understand that the usual rules of due process don’t apply and that there is no presumption of innocence as there is in a criminal trial, but wouldn’t common sense dictate that you at least hear the evidence before you come to a conclusion? Might you be, oh, I don’t know… PREJUDGING the case if you have decided on your verdict in advance?

Is it ME??

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