Charlie Buttrey

April 26, 2021

One of the major contributors to climate change is the destruction of the world’s rain forests, which have been informally dubbed “the planet’s lungs” (while they cover about 7% of the earth’s dry land, half of all plant and animal species call the rain forest home, and rain forests generate about 20% of the world’s oxygen).  It’s long past time to take serious measures to save them.

This past week, during the International Climate Summit, the governments of the US, UK and Norway announced a partnership with nine giant corporations to create an initiative to raise at last $1 billion this year, alone, for large-scale forest protection and sustainable development. Known as LEAF (“Lowering Emissions by Accelerating Forest” the projects represents by far the single largest private-sector investment to protect tropical forests.

According to the World Resources Institute, “Forests can provide over 20% of the climate mitigation needed before 2030, but currently account for less than 3% of climate funding. And, at the same time, tropical forest loss continues to rise. Recent analysis from WRI shows emissions from primary tropical forest loss in 2020 alone were equivalent the annual emissions of 570 million cars.”

It’s a start. There’s a lot more that still needs to be done.  A lot.


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