Charlie Buttrey

January 9, 2022

Regular readers of this blog know that my brother Sam recently won the Jeopardy! Professors Tournament. He probably thinks he’s smart. I like to think that I am reasonably bright. Heck, dear reader, YOU are no doubt above-average intelligent (why else would you be reading this blog?).

But I am about to show you how limited your intelligence is.

Last October, University of Louisville professor Ricky Jones spoke at a conference at that school’s Muhammad Ali Center which centered on race and education, and why white kids, in general, score so much better on tests than Black kids. Jones essentially said that the system of education in this country is rigged against Blacks and other minorities, since it was created by white people for white people and that the curricula and standardized tests all relate to the people, events, literature and subjects that are important to white people. His point is well taken: I don’t believe, for instance, that I learned about the 1921 Tulsa Massacre until I was well into my 20’s (and, even then, it was referred to by the misnomer “Tulsa Race Riot”), and while we all learned about Custer’s Last Stand in elementary school, I didn’t learn about the Massacre at Wounded Knee until much later is life. In any event, Jones concluded his presentation by saying that he could create a test that few, if any, white people in Louisville could pass.

I took the test. And it is not at all unfair. It asks questions that Americans should be able to answer. But they are all questions relating exclusively to important figures and events in Black American history. I confess I did very poorly on it.

Want to give the test a shot? Click HERE.  And good luck.

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