Charlie Buttrey

March 15, 2020

In my blog post two days ago, I mentioned that the New Hampshire Supreme Court has ordered that all jury trials in the state be suspended for at least a month in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

If you (like me) represent criminal defendants and plaintiffs in civil cases, that may turn out to be a very good thing indeed.

According to a poll conducted by a jury consulting outfit called, some 7,000 people were polled and asked about serving on a jury in the present climate. The results were eye-opening.

86% said that they would do ANYTHING they had to do to “Get out of serving.”

92% said it would definitely affect their attitude and performance in sitting on a jury.

72% said they would find for the state in a criminal case.

78% said they would find for the defense in a civil case because the Plaintiff was “Pushing” the case.

The courts should take all the time they need….


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