Charlie Buttrey

September 14, 2018

If humankind is going to win the battle against climate change, engineering will almost certainly play a dominant role.

And there’s some interesting news on that front.

Thousands of apartment dwellers may soon be get renewable energy through the “O-Wind Turbine,” a small wind turbine that can generate power in urban environments by catching wind that blows in any direction.

Typical wind turbines are only able to harness wind that is blowing horizontally. In a complex urban environment where buildings interfere with air flow, winds are more likely to be traveling in every direction.

There is where the O-Wind turbine comes into play: it is made with vents in the exterior so that it can still catch city crosswinds and spin accordingly. The turbine then feeds into a generator that can create electricity from the device’s rotations.

The O-Wind’s small design means that it could easily be affixed to apartment balconies and give renters access to the feed-in green energy tariffs that are currently available in 80 countries. It could also benefit people in other kinds of residential locales, such as motor homes or boats.

And whereas wind power currently generates only 4 percent of the world’s electricity, it has the potential to generate FORTY TIMES the amount of electricity that the world consumes.

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