Charlie Buttrey

January 12, 2019

Last year, Brian Dozier started the major league baseball season with the Minnesota Twins. He was traded, mid-season, to the Los Angeles Dodgers, where he played in 47 games and hit .182 with the team, ending the season with a batting average of .215. According to one measure of defensive ability, he ranked 15th out of the 16 second baseman who could be ranked using that metric.

When the season ended, Dozier became a free agent. Yesterday, he signed with the Washington Nationals. What do you suppose his salary will be?

(Keep in mind that the minimum salary for a major league baseball player is $550,000. Dozier batted .215 last year. He was second-to-last among second basemen in defensive quality).

Times’s up.

The Nationals will pay him $9,000,000.

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