Charlie Buttrey

Thetford, Vermont woke up this morning to about a foot of beautiful, light, fluffy, powdery snow and single-digit temperatures.  The sky will be totally clear tonight and, with radiational cooling, temperatures will slip into the area of -25 or so.  I love it, and it’s certainly part of the allure of living in Vermont.  Nothing like feeling your nose hairs freeze the moment you walk out the door.

This led to me wonder: What’s the coldest it’s EVER been in Vermont?  From what I’e been able to gather, Bloomfield, Vermont recorded -50 on December 30, 1933.  Which doesn’t hold a candle to the continental U.S. record set in Rogers Pass on January 20, 1954, when the mercury dipped to -70.  Which, is still warmer than the U.S. record of -80 set in Prospect Creek, Alaska on January 23, 1971.

The coldest temperature ever recorded on earth?  How about -135.8 degrees, set in Antarctica in August of 2010?  Not that it bothers the scientists at the South Pole, who routinely make naked -73C (-100F) dashes outside as a stunt.   Most of the time researchers need to breathe through a snorkel that brings air into the coat through a sleeve and warms it up before it’s inhaled.

I’ll enjoy this weather while it lasts.  We’re due for rain on Sunday….

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