Charlie Buttrey

July 27, 2020

Thanks to a regular reader for this item.

Last year, Robert Berger, 25, of Huntington, N.Y., pled guilty to  possessing a stolen car and attempting to steal a pickup truck. The sentencing hearing was scheduled for last October, but the court cancelled the hearing after his lawyer’s office notified the court that Berger had taken his own life, and provided authorities with the death certificate.

There was just one problem. The death certificate was a forgery.

What gave it away? Well, while it resembled the real deal, the watermark (an important security feature) was missing. And then there was the fact that the word “Registry” (as in “New Jersey Department of Health, Vital Statistics and Registry”) had been spelled “Regsitry.”

Berger didn’t help himself much with the deception, either: In November, he was arrested in Pennsylvania on charges including providing a false identity to law enforcement.

Berger now faces up to four years in prison on the new forgery charge.

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