Charlie Buttrey

May 18, 2020

Senate Republicans have been champing at the bit to do the bidding of their corporate sponsors and extend immunity to their benefactors for negligence of all kinds.  Now the coronavirus has given them perfect political cover. Hence, an onslaught of legislative proposals to prohibit people from obtaining damages against corporate entities even if someone is exposed to the virus through corporate neglect.

A good idea?

Well, this article in the Washington Post (I believe you will face a pay-wall if you click on the link and don’t subscribe) tells us that Life Care homes, a major nursing home chain (which would be a major beneficiary of such legislation) violated federal standards meant to stop the spread of COVID-19 even after start of the pandemic, by failing to do such simple things as enforcing hand-washing, requiring the wearing of masks, and isolating patients.

The legislators who are pushing this legislation maintain (with a straight face) that immunity will improve vigilance. Isn’t it more likely that that the result would be exactly the opposite?

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