Charlie Buttrey

March 31, 2021

You have likely heard that Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama have started voting on whether to unionize. Amazon’s upper echelon opposes the initiative. And so do, apparently, some contented Amazon employees, who have posted anti-union sentiments on their twitter accounts, saying such things as “What bothers me most about unions is there’s no ability to opt out of dues” (despite a state law in Alabama that prevents this) and “Amazon takes great care of me.”

There was just one small problem with the accounts. They aren’t real.

According to this article at the BBC website, Twitter has suspended a number of these accounts, and Amazon has acknowledged at least one of them is fake. Most of them were only a few days old, and consisted of only pro-Amazon tweets.

Surely Jeff Bezos has a small amount of spare change to put toward a more dignified approach….

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