Charlie Buttrey

August 5, 2020

My father told me what may be an apocryphal tale of a gentleman who went to the oldest restaurant in the world, where he asked to be served lark. When he was told that the restaurant didn’t serve lark, he retorted “Well, you used to!”

True or not, the oldest restaurant in the world is Madrid’s Casa Botín, which has been serving patrons since 1725, and which has been featured in the writings of such literary luminaries as Hemingway, Graham Greene and James Michener.

Like most restaurants, the coronavirus pandemic has put a serious crimp in the business. Only recently re-opened after having to close due to the pandemic, the restaurant currently serves about 60 guests a day, about 1/10th of its pre-pandemic volume. Whether it survives remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, good luck finding decent lark.


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