Charlie Buttrey

January 28, 2019

Earlier this month, Cannon Harrison was looking for some companionship.  So, like any normal twenty-something, he went on to the dating site Bumble and posted his profile.  Unlike most sites, Bumble requires that a woman interested in a man make the first move. When a woman responded, Harrison asked her how she was doing.  Her reply? She told him that she had just shot a big buck, and was pretty pleased about it. Harrison asked for more details, and the woman confided that she had shot the buck out of season, on her ranch, by “headlighting” it.  All of which is illegal. He asked her for a picture of her and the buck, which she readily shared.

Harrison, by the way, is a game warden.

She was arrested and ended up pleading guilty, paying $2,400 in fines.

No word on whether he asked her out for a date.


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