Charlie Buttrey

January 7, 2019

Here’s some useful advice: Don’t try to kidnap someone.  And if you absolutely MUST try to kidnap someone, don’t follow her into a karate dojo and then pick a fight with the sensei. Trust me.

If what the police say is true, August Williams of Charlotte, North Carolina ignored both of those pieces of wise advice.

Last Thursday, Williams allegedly tried to force a women into his pickup truck. She resisted, and ran into a karate dojo, with Williams in hot pursuit. When the head instructor, Randall Ephraim, made further inquiry, Williams then went after Ephraim.

You can guess how that worked out.

Williams, who has a prior record for assault, DWI and weapons charges, was arrested and charged with a number of things, including attempted kidnapping and resisting arrest.

Before the police could bring him to the station, however, they first had to transport him to the hospital.

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