Charlie Buttrey

August 29, 2019

Florida attorney Ian Christensen had what he thought was a nifty idea.  For a mere $800, he supplied his clients with “certificates” and “grow signs” they could put up, advertising that they were growing medical marijuana. If the police were to ask any questions, he told his clients, all they had to do was to show them the card; once they showed the card, he explained, they wouldn’t be arrested.

It didn’t quite work out that way.

When he dreamed up this idea, in 2015, medical marijuana wasn’t yet legal, and at least two of his clients were subsequently arrested and ultimately convicted of felony-level crimes (and one of whom, in the process, lost her nursing license).

Christensen’s troubles were hardly over.  The now-criminally convicted clients sued him and last week a judge issued a judgment against Christensen in the amount of $369,942.30.

And he was dis-barred.

The GOOD news is that Florida has since legalized medical marijuana, so maybe Christensen can find work in that field now.

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