Charlie Buttrey

November 4, 2019

With global carbon concentrations now in excess of 400 parts per million (the highest in over 800,000 years), if we are going to avoid the truly catastrophic effects of climate change that are projected without taking serious remedial measures, it will not be enough to slow the rate by which carbon is being spewed into the atmosphere. We are going to need to remove carbon from the atmosphere altogether.

One particularly effective way of removing carbon is forestation, but the two largest tropical forests on the planet — in South American and in Africa — are under siege.

But we may be on the cusp of a technological advance that might be just as good.

According to this announcement,  engineers at MIT have developed a new method of removing carbon dioxide from the air. What makes this particularly promising is that the process could work at virtually any concentration of the gas — from power plants to ambient air.

If this could work on a global scale, we just might make it.

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