Charlie Buttrey

December 1, 2019

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the person on your list who would prefer to have his personal effects following him rather than carrying them around? Look no further than the Gita.

The Gita (pronounced with a soft “g” and means “outing in Italian) is a robotic, hands-free storage space on wheels. Using five cameras to track you, it automatically follows you wherever you go. Which I imagine might be a problem on, say, a crowded sidewalk. But no matter: no longer will you have the burden of carrying your things; the Gita will be lumbering along behind you with whatever it is you can’t be bothered to carry. So long as it fits and weighs 40 pounds or less.

List price: $3,250.

For a video of the device in use, click here. Since the 50-pound Gita can’t climb stairs, you better hope you live on the ground floor or have elevators. And aren’t annoyed by the grinding sound it makes as it follows you. And have liability insurance for the people who are injured on the sidewalk when they trip over it. And seriously have nothing better on which to spend your money.

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