Charlie Buttrey

July 3, 2020

Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest has been a July 4th tradition for decades (though, admittedly the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE) has only sanctioned the event since 1997.)

Anyhoo, you, gentle reader, may have been worried that, like the Boston Marathon and half of the major league baseball season, the hot dog eating contest was going to be a victim of the coronavirus pandemic.

Worry no more.

The competition will be held tomorrow (indoors, without spectators). 12-time champion Joey Chestnut hopes to break his own record of 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes. “If I’m feeling it,” he says, “77 is doable.”

Don’t bet against him. According to Wikipedia, he holds world records in 49 different categories, ranging from deep-fried asparagus (12.8 pounds in 10 minutes) to boysenberry pie (14.5 pounds in eight minutes) to gumbo (1.875 gallons in 8 minutes) to Big Macs (32 of them in 38 minutes).


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