Charlie Buttrey

April 22, 2019

Today is as good a time as any to turn to Ol’ Reliable for a few tidbits to spice up the blog.  Herewith a few nuggets from some recent Harper’s Indexes:

Percentage change since 1975 in the portion of Americans who hold hunting licenses : -38

Number of states that allow roadkill to be salvaged for food : 31

Number of the twenty least prosperous US congressional districts that are represented by Republicans : 16

Of the twenty most prosperous districts that are represented by Democrats : 20

Percentage of statewide elections in the Deep South won by Republicans since 2008 : 97

Number of new Confederate statues that have been constructed on public grounds since 2015 : 1

Factor by which the North Korean government’s hackers work more quickly than the Chinese government’s : 2

By which the Russian government’s work more quickly than the North Korean government’s : 8

Portion of US tech workers who think tech companies should work with the government on military projects : 3/5

Percentage of Earth observation satellites that are operated by private corporations : 18

Estimated percentage that will be operated by private corporations by 2027 : 56

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