Charlie Buttrey

September 8, 2019

On the rare occasion when I am unable to find something on the interwebs worthy of inclusion in the blog, I turn to Harper’s Index for fascinating tidbits that my readers may find worth their while.

Herewith some selections from a recent Index:

Estimated number of Nigerians killed in clashes between herders and farmers over the first six months of 2018 : 1,300

In fighting with Boko Haram : 217

Factor by which more Americans are murdered each year by knives than by rifles : 4

Number of states since 2010 that have repealed or weakened knife laws : 21

Chance that an American believes that all members of the armed services should be described as heroes : 1 in 2

That a German does : 1 in 7

Number of children since 2007 who have been denied UK citizenship
for failing the country’s “character test” : 517

Minimum age of children to whom the test is applied : 10

Amount of FEMA funding that has been transferred to ICE this year : $9,800,000

Number of “two-hundred-year floods” Houston has suffered since 2015 : 4

Percentage of Americans who have had to evacuate their homes
because of a natural disaster : 22

Distance, in feet, by which the Earth’s axis of spin has shifted since 1899 : 34

Estimated percentage of that shift that is due to climate change : 40

Factor by which national parks have warmed more rapidly than the United States as a whole since 1895 : 2.5

Portion of US households in 2015 that reported keeping temperatures at
“unhealthy or unsafe” levels to save money : 1/10

Average value of a payday loan in the United States : $375

Average amount a borrower ends up spending in fees on a payday loan : $520

Percentage of US public employee applicants for student loan forgiveness who have been approved since last year : 0.3

Portion of millennial men who identify as socialists or democratic socialists : 2/5

Of millennial women : 1/5

Percentage by which women are more likely than men to volunteer for work tasks that probably won’t lead to promotions : 48

Percentage of Americans who believe that men and women
have different leadership styles : 57

Percentage of those Americans who think women generally
have the better approach : 22

Who believe that men generally do : 15

Portion of US companies that claim to have been affected by prescription drug abuse among their employees : 7/10

Minimum number of US cities that have announced plans to establish
supervised drug consumption sites : 5

Estimated minimum number of cities that have such sites worldwide : 100

Number of people who have ever died of an overdose at one of these sites : 0

Percentage by which a US teenager was more likely to use marijuana than adults in their fifties or sixties in 2011 : 121

By which adults in their fifties or sixties are more likely to use it than
a teenager today : 3

Factor by which the average South Korean man spends more on skin care than the average man in any other country : 2.3

Portion of US men who do not regard changing their underwear daily
as “very important” behavior : 1/5

Percentage of Americans who say they have and enjoy a large social circle : 16

Percentage of cell phone calls in 2017 that came from scammers : 3.7

Estimated percentage of cell phone calls next year that will : 45

Percentage of Americans aged 13 to 17 who cite texting as
their favorite way to communicate with friends : 35

Who cite talking in person : 32

Percentage of interviews with professional baseball players that feature a variation of the phrase “one game at a time” : 7

That feature a variation of “a heck of a game” : 50

Percentage of adults last year who reported doing or learning something interesting the previous day : 46

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