Charlie Buttrey

October 13, 2019

On those (rare) occasions when I have a hard time uncovering something that’s blog-worthy, I turn to the trusted Harper’s Index to provide some edifying facts and figures that will make you a more erudite person. Herewith some snippets from a recent Index:

Percentage of U.S. album sales represented by classical music : 2.5

Of U.S. music streams : 0.7

Amount spent globally on virtual goods within video games last year : $93,000,000,000

Factor by which an American aged 8 to 12 is more likely to want to be a YouTuber or vlogger than to be an astronaut : 3

Percentage of U.S. heterosexual couples who met in 2017 who did so via
a dating app : 38

Of homosexual couples : 65

Estimated percentage decline from 1982 to 2017 in the number of gay bars in the United States : 40

Minimum factor by which the average American overestimates the U.S. L.G.B.T.Q. population : 5

Portion of Republicans who say small businesses should be able to refuse services to homosexuals for religious reasons : 1/2

Who said so in 2014 : 1/5

Percentage of Mexicans who believe migrants from Central America on their way to the United States should be deported : 55

Percentage by which remittances flowing into El Salvador from abroad exceeded Salvadoran social spending last year : 59

Portion of Salvadorian GDP accounted for by remittances : 1/5

Number of U.S. representatives and senators who are naturalized American citizens : 14

Number of these who are Democrats : 14

Rank of Donald Trump among G20 leaders with the biggest carbon
footprint last year : 2

Of Shinzo Abe : 1

Percentage of cases in which Trump’s two appointees to the Supreme Court agreed during the last term : 70

In which Barack Obama’s two appointees agreed : 88

Number of think tanks in the United States : 1,872

Factor by which this figure has increased since 1980 : 2

Minimum number of national and state bills written by industry groups, corporations, or think tanks from 2010 to 2018 : 10,000

Number that were signed into law : 2,100

Number of state legislatures that are controlled by a single party : 49

Number of U.S. states with higher per capita incarceration rates than every other country in the world : 31

Estimated number of people who died between 2014 and 2017 as a result of states refusing to expand Medicaid : 15,600

Percentage of American adults who think the Iraq War was not worth fighting : 62

Of veterans : 64

Number of countries whose militaries had drones in 2010 : 4

Whose militaries have them today : 33

Portion of violent protest movements seeking regime change from 1900 to 2014 that were successful : 1/4

Of nonviolent protest movements : 1/2

Portion of Americans under 35 who say they are often angry when
checking the news : 2/5

Of Americans over 65 : 1/5

Percentage of Americans aged 22 to 28 who say they have begun saving money : 67

Portion of those saving money who are putting away less than $50 a month : 1/5

Percentage of Americans who claim to lose sleep over financial worries : 56

Percentage of American office workers who have cried at work : 45

Estimated chance that smiling will improve a person’s mood : 1 in 14

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