Charlie Buttrey

November 21, 2019

I truly, honestly had prepared a blog post discussing the Ninth Amendment (you heard me: the Ninth Amendment), when I figured that my gentle readers would rather glean some tidbits from the some recent editions of the Harper’s Index.  So have at it:

Number of new Christmas films that will debut on Hallmark channels this year : 40

Percentage of the world’s internet traffic that is attributable to Netflix : 12

Percentage increase since 1996 in the average price of a movie ticket in the
United States : 106

In the average price of a concert ticket : 256

Estimated annual amount that U.S. book publishers lose to piracy : $315,000,000

Percentage of people downloading pirated e-books who make $100,000 or
more a year : 29

Number of species classified as threatened or endangered under Republican administrations since 1993: 77

Under Democratic administrations: 915

Percentage of Power Five college fight songs that include the word “men,” “boys” or “sons”: 36

Minimum number of Afghan civilians killed this year by Afghan military and international forces: 577

By the Taliban: 423

Number of national border walls worldwide at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall: 15

Today: 70

Number of states whose Supreme Court benches are all white: 24

Number of those states in which at least a quarter of the population consists of people of color: 8

Number of sitting U.S. governors who are black: 0

Number of U.S. governors who have apologized this year for wearing blackface: 2

Rank of subscription television services among the forty-six major U.S. industries in terms of customer satisfaction: 46

Of breweries: 1

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