Charlie Buttrey

February 3, 2020

Whenever the blogging gets tough, this blogger turns to the Harper’s Index.  Herewith some choice tidbits from a recent Index:

Number of different forms of torture the Syrian government is suspected of having used during the country’s civil war : 72

Factor by which women are more likely than men to develop P.T.S.D. over the course of their lives : 2.5

Average penalty, in lost vacation days, for N.Y.P.D. officers the department finds to have committed domestic violence : 30

For officers the department finds to have been discourteous to a supervisor : 60

Rank of 2018 among the deadliest years since 1990 for cyclists in the United States : 1

For pedestrians : 1

Percentage of Uber riders who never tip : 60

Who always tip : 1

Percentage by which male riders give higher tips to female drivers than to male drivers : 12

Value of the personal possessions that the average American lost while drinking alcohol last year : $192

That the average North Dakotan lost : $380

Percentage by which new plastic was more expensive than recycled plastic in 2018 : 20

By which recycled plastic is now more expensive : 19

Number of grams of plastic that the average person ingests per week : 5

Percentage of U.S. gamers who say they have skipped a meal to continue playing video games : 38

Who say they have skipped a shower : 25

Average number of minutes that teens in households making $100,000 or more per year spend on screens for leisure each day : 409

That teens in households making $35,000 or less per year do : 512

Number of states that have passed or proposed laws allowing students to take days off for mental health : 4

Chance that a millennial has voluntarily left a job for mental-health reasons : 1 in 3

That a Gen Z-er has : 1 in 2

Percentage of U.S. schools that have at least one police officer stationed inside a school building : 40

Factor by which U.S. public school districts’ spending on email-monitoring services has increased since 2013 : 2

Minimum number of U.S. colleges and universities that track prospective students’ web activity : 33

Minimum number of states that use artificial intelligence to grade student essays : 21

Estimated number of people who could go unaccounted for in the 2020 census because of an “increased climate of fear” : 4,000,000

Minimum number of polling places that states in the South have closed since 2012 : 1,327

Portion of those that were in Texas : 1/2

Percentage of Republicans who regard the Democratic party as “too extreme” : 76

Of Democrats who regard the Republican party as such : 76

Average effective tax rate, as a percentage of income, paid by the richest 400 households in the United States in 2018 : 23

By the poorest half of American households : 24

Percentage of all public tweets from U.S. adults that come from people 50 and older : 29

Percentage of public political tweets that do : 73

Percentage of white Americans who say they follow local news very closely : 28

Of black Americans : 46

Portion of new digital New York Times subscriptions in 2018 that were for its cooking or crossword apps : 1/3

Percentage by which owning a dog lowers one’s risk of death : 24

Number of states expected to lose the majority of their summer state-bird populations by 2050 : 7

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