Charlie Buttrey

May 24, 2020

Sometimes a blogger has a hard time coming up with the quality content that his gentle readers have come to expect.  It is then that he turns to Harper’s Index to fill the void.

Herewith some items from a recent Harper’s Index:

Portion of South Koreans who say they would support North Korea in a war with Japan : 1/2

Estimated number of drones that governments worldwide will purchase in the next decade for combat use : 1,800

For surveillance use : 75,000

Percentage of nonmilitary drones for sale in the United States that were manufactured in China : 80

Minimum number of products that are available for purchase on Amazon : 500,000,000

Estimated percentage of New York City apartments that receive at least one package every day : 15

Minimum number of contractors employed by Google to evaluate the usefulness of search results : 10,000

Number of changes that Google made to its search algorithm and interface in 2018 : 3,234

Portion of U.S. voting precincts that rely on electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail : 1/10

Number of U.S. states that use a mobile voting app : 1

Percentage of American men who say they would not feel “very comfortable” with a woman as president : 51

Of American women who say so : 41

Estimated number of Americans who have lost a friend or family member since 2014 because health care was too costly : 34,000,000

Factor by which this is more likely to be true of a Democrat than a Republican : 3

Factor by which the amount a U.S. insurer pays for a flu shot can vary depending on where it is administered : 3

Factor by which an American adult is more likely to go out of network for mental health care than for medical care : 5

Estimated percentage of Americans who have an autoimmune disease : 15

Who can name an autoimmune disease : 15

Percentage of unemployed Americans receiving unemployment benefits in 2000 : 37

In 2018 : 28

Estimated value of extra expenses that an average American household incurs as a result of oligopolies : $5,000

Percentage of civil defendants in U.S. general-jurisdiction courts who had lawyers in 1992 : 95

Who have lawyers today : 46

Rank of the United States among countries with the highest rates of immigrant children in detention : 1

Of Mexico : 2

Number of refugees resettled in the United States in October : 0

Number of countries in which the annual number of tourists outnumbers residents : 41

In which this ratio is at least 2 to 1 : 23

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