Charlie Buttrey

July 1, 2020

Sometimes I got nuthin’ to blog about. It’s then that I turn to Harper’s Index to provide the sort of content my loyal and gentle readers come to this site to consume. Herewith a smattering from a recent Harper’s Index:

Percentage by which U.S. college enrollment is expected to decline this fall: 15

Average percentage by which a 2020 college graduate is projected to earn less in their first postgraduate year than a 2019 graduate: 20

Number of new jobs created in the United States since the end of the Great Recession: 21,275,000

Number of new unemployment claims filed in the four weeks after COVID-19 was declared a national emergency: 22,026,000

Percentage of U.S. small-business owners who say their business won’t survive if the COVID-19 crisis lasts six months: 62

Of restaurant owners who say so: 85

Estimated number of U.S. restaurants that closed for good in March: 20,000

Percentage by which U.S. households earning at least $90,000 per year are more likely to have groceries delivered: 80

Percentage of white workers in the United States who can work from home: 30

Percentage of black workers who can: 20

Of Latino workers: 16

Portion of U.S. adults working from home who would prefer to work in the office after the crisis as often as they did before: 2/5

Chance that an American worker stockpiled alcohol in anticipation of having to self-isolate: 1 in 5

Portion of American workers who say they sometimes drink while working from home: 1/3

Of Hawaiian workers who say so: 2/3

Percentage increase this year in calls to U.S. poison-control centers: 20

Percentage increase since January in the price of fentanyl in San Diego: 40

Of marijuana in New York City: 55

Of methamphetamine in Denver: 67

Miles per hour by which the average speed of Los Angeles drivers has increased since February: 21

Portion of Americans who say they would report social-distancing violations in their neighborhood to law enforcement: 1/10

Portion of Americans who say they will still shake hands after COVID-19 has disappeared: 3/10

Percentage increase this March in New York City 3-1-1 complaints about “loud talking”: 43

About a “loud television”: 25

About “banging or pounding: 15

Estimated number of unexpected pregnancies attributable to the COVID-19 crisis if lockdowns last through October: 7,000,000

Percentage by which social isolation increases the mortality rate for men: 62

For women: 75

Estimated number of children who are at risk of missing the measles vaccine this year because of the pandemic: 117,000,000

Estimated number of undiscovered viruses infecting wildlife: 1,670,000

Estimated minimum portion of these viruses that could also infect humans: 2/5

Number of state and local health-department jobs that have been eliminated since 2008 because of funding cuts: 56,360

Percentage increase during the coronavirus outbreak in the staff assigned to the New York State unemployment call center: 775

Number of times the average person taps, types, swipes, or clicks on a smartphone each day: 2,617

Percentage increase since January in the total volume of calls on Verizon’s wireless network: 20

In the average length of those calls: 33

Portion of British adults under lockdown who have spent more time catching up with friends and family than usual: 2/5

Who have spent less money than usual: 3/5

Who want “everything to go back to how it was” when the lockdown is over: 1/10

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