Charlie Buttrey

October 11, 2020

It’s happened again. I’m out of clever and fact-filled things about to watch to blog. Thankfully, I can turn to the most recent Harper’s Index to pinch-hit for me. Herewith some choice tidbits from the latest Index:

Percentage of registered U.S. voters who said in 2016 they would consider moving to Canada if Donald Trump were elected: 28

Number of Americans who have done so since then: 33,965

Minimum number of recording artists who have sent cease-and-desist letters to the Trump campaign for using their music at rallies: 9

Percentage change in the win rate of professional soccer teams playing at home when the stadium is empty: -23

In the penalty rate: +21

Factor by which white players are more likely than black players to be praised for their hard work on European soccer broadcasts: 1.5

By which black players are more likely to be praised for their strength: 6.6

Estimated number of Americans who have participated in Black Lives Matter protests this year: 15,000.000

Percentage by which the annual number of people killed by U.S. police officers has fallen in rural areas since 2013: 29

By which it has increased in urban areas: 33

Minimum number of trademark applications for Black Lives Matter that were filed following George Floyd’s death: 26

That had been filed over the previous five years: 18

Portion of white Americans who say the benefits of experimental medical treatments outweigh the risks: 2/3

Of Black Americans who say the risks outweigh the benefits: 2/3

Date on which the FDA approved the first prescription video game, for the treatment of ADHD: 6/15/2020

Factor by which the portion of Americans who believe that polygamy is morally acceptable has increased since 2005: 4

Portion of Americans aged 20 to 31 who violated stay-at-home orders in April to have sex: 1/4

Number of countries whose governments have released contact-tracing apps: 47

Amount that Qataris are fined for failing to download their government’s app: $55,000

Percentage of Qataris who have downloaded it: 92

Minimum number of Colombians killed by drug cartels or paramilitary groups for failing to observe social distancing: 8

Amount Uzbekistan is offering to compensate foreigners who contract COVID-19 while visiting the country: $3,000

Amount the United States has received in coronavirus-related humanitarian aid from Lithuania: $113,690

Percentage by which the U.S. Mint has increased coin production since June in response to shortages: 65

Number of additional coins it is producing each month: 650,000,000

Chance that a packaged food, beverage, or household good is out of stock in a U.S. supermarket: 1 in 10

Percentage by which Dollar General’s stock price has increased since the start of the pandemic: 23

Chance that a U.S. household missed a rent or mortgage payment in July: 1 in 3

Estimated percentage decrease in the money that migrant workers from low- and middle-income countries will send home this year: 20

Minimum number of fossil-fuel companies that have received COVID-19 relief aid from the U.S. government:

Minimum value of stimulus checks sent to deceased Americans this spring: $1,600,000,000

Amount of those payments that the federal government has yet to recover: $600,000,000

Percentage of American households that have spent their stimulus checks: 70

That have used the money to pay off debt: 16

Portion of U.S. adults who have delayed or are considering delaying retirement because of the pandemic: 2/5

Of U.S. women aged 18 to 49 who plan to postpone or forgo pregnancy: 1/3

Estimated number of British smokers who have quit since the pandemic began: 1,000,000

Percentage by which someone with Neanderthal genes is more likely to suffer severe respiratory illness from COVID-19: 70

Percentage by which unprovoked shark attacks on humans outnumbered provoked attacks last year: 56

Maximum number of hours by which the irrational behavior of animals has been observed to predict a major earthquake: 20

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