Charlie Buttrey

November 12, 2020

Every now and then, I am unable to come up with a post that will satisfy the high standards that my readers expect of this blog. It is on those occasions that I turn to Harper’s Index to fill the void.

Herewith some choice selections from a recent Harper’s Index:

Portion of local U.S. parks that saw an increase in visitors this spring: 2/3

Portion of U.S. parks-and-recreation agencies that have been asked to reduce spending this fiscal year: 2/3

Percentage of dust particles in U.S. national parks that are plastic4

Factor by which the annual amount of plastic pollution accumulating in bodies of water is expected to increase by 2040: 2.6

By which the amount accumulating on land is expected to increase: 2.8

Approximate number of square miles that have been lost from the Louisiana coast in the past one hundred years: 2,000

Estimated percentage change by 2100 in the mortality rate in Accra, Ghana, as a result of temperature-related deaths: +19

In Oslo, Norway: -28

Percentage by which the population of the average wildlife species has declined globally since 1970: 68

In Latin America and the Caribbean: 94

Rank of deforestation among the causes of wildlife decline on land: 1

Estimated number of animals that have been killed or displaced by Australian wildfires over the past two years: 3,000,000,000

Estimated percentage of wildland firefighters in California who are prisoners: 14

Percentage by which the U.S. prison population has dropped since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic: 8

Portion of its viewership that the cable channel A&E lost after canceling Live PD in the wake of George Floyd’s killing: 1/2

Percentage increase in police stops of black drivers in the month after a Trump rally was held in a given area in 2016: 4.2

Estimated number of stops for which this accounted: 30,000

Percentage of black Americans who wish police officers would spend less time in their neighborhoods: 19

Who wish they would spend more: 20

Percentage decrease in the length of the average work meeting since the onset of the pandemic: 20

Percentage by which employees in open-plan offices took more sick leave than those in private offices before COVID-19: 62

Percentage by which the unemployment rate of recently graduated U.S. physics majors exceeds that of art history majors: 60


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