Charlie Buttrey

February 18, 2021

About once a month, I am unable to dredge up the sort of fascinating and scintillating tidbits my loyal readers have come to expect. It is then that I turn to Harper’s Index to bail me out. Herewith some selections from the most recent Index:

Percentage increase last year in the use of the phrase “technical difficulties” during corporate earnings calls: 310

In the use of the phrase “you’re on mute”: 1,000

Of the phrase “unprecedented times”: 70,830

Minimum number of new users who registered with the stock-trading app Robinhood between January and April last year: 3,000,000

Estimated portion of these users who were first-time investors: 1/2

Amount contractors on the TaskRabbit service earned last year by waiting in line for other people: $81,963

Percentage increase last year in the amount of money raised on GoFundMe for rent, utilities, and groceries: 150

Number of the fifty largest U.S. companies that have turned a profit since the onset of the pandemic: 45

That have made layoffs: 27

Net change in December in the number of jobs in the leisure and hospitality industry: -498,000

In the trucking industry: +7,300

In the warehousing and storage industry: +8,200

In the courier and messenger industry: +37,400

Average number of employees Amazon hired each day from January to October last year: 1,333

Chance that a consumer in Southeast Asia bought products online for the first time during the pandemic: 1 in 3

Estimated portion of countries that will be poorer per capita in 2100 than they would have been without climate change: 3/4

Projected percentage change in average income by 2100 in the poorest 20 percent of countries: -75

In the richest 20 percent of countries: 0

Estimated ratio of the mass of man-made materials to the planet’s total biomass in 1900: 3:100

In 2020: 1:1

By 2040: 2:1

Degrees Celsius by which the COVID-19 lockdowns are projected to lower the average global temperature in 2050: 0.01

Percentage of parents aged 27 to 45 and concerned about climate change who have a “negative vision of the future”: 92

Who regret having children: 6

Percentage of people worldwide who have lost weight during the pandemic: 17

Who have gained weight: 27

Percentage change in U.S. belt sales last year: -31

Percentage increase in China’s obesity rate since 2002: 131

Maximum amount that China has proposed fining social-media influencers who post evidence of overeating: $15,300

Percentage change in the frequency of “arrests with force” made by NYPD officers when they are equipped with body cameras: +1.9

Percentage increase in the mortality rate in large U.S. jails over the past decade: 35

Portion of inmates who died during that period who were awaiting trial: 2/3

Percentage by which elderly patients are more likely to die during or after emergency surgery performed on the surgeon’s birthday: 23

Estimated percentage increase in the number of U.S. deaths last year: 15

Year in which the United States last saw so great an increase: 1918

Number of years by which U.S. life expectancy declined in 2020: 2

Percentage of Americans who believe that 2021 will be better than 2020 for them personally: 44

Who believe that 2021 will be better for the world: 37

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