Charlie Buttrey

April 7, 2019

Regular readers of this blog know that, from time to time, I let the Harper’s Index do the heavy lifting. This is one of those times.

Herewith a sampling from a recent Harper’s Index:

Estimated number of U.S. missionaries abroad last year : 120,000

Of foreign Christian missionaries in the United States : 30,000

Number of states that passed laws in 2018 requiring or permitting schools to display
the words “In God We Trust” : 6

To display “God Enriches” : 1

Value of cash that spilled from a Brink’s armored truck onto a New Jersey
highway in December : $510,000

Percentage of the money that had been returned to police a month later : 63

Percentage change since 2012 in the number of Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree stores in the United States : +34

In the total dollar amount of grocery sales at those stores : +79

Number of states with laws requiring government contractors to pledge not to boycott Israel : 10

Number of congressional districts that border Mexico : 9

Number that are represented by a Republican : 1

Votes by which that district’s congressman won reelection in November : 926

Ratio of the number of Democratic House seats held by women in 1989 to the number held today : 16:89

Of the number of Republican House seats : 1:1

Percentage of Americans who did not vote in the midterm elections who say
they wish they had : 61

Percentage of the global population who say they would move to a different country if given the opportunity : 15

Percentage of Americans who say they would : 16

Percentage by which fewer Americans live in rural areas than would like to : 44

By which more Americans live in big cities than would like to : 67

Estimated portion of Japanese residences that are occupied by one person : 1/3

Number of unclaimed dead for whom a December mass funeral was held in
Los Angeles County : 1,457

Maximum number of attendees : 200

Chances an American has held off seeking health-care treatment in the past year because of costs : 3 in 10

Estimated percentage of potential organ donors between the ages of 18 and 34 whose organs are recovered : 78

Of potential donors between the ages of 57 and 65 : 11

Percentage of internet users targeted with virus scams who end up contacting the scammers : 20

Who ultimately pay them : 6

Percentage change in the number of annual complaints filed to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since 2016 : +34

In the number of publicly announced enforcement actions by the CFPB : –74

Percentage decrease in satisfaction from 2017 to 2018 among CFPB employees : 25

Percentage decline since 2010 in the number of IRS auditors : 35

Year in which the IRS last had so few auditors : 1953

Percentage of US police departments since 2014 that have reported relaxing hiring standards for prior drug use : 54

Percentage by which a City of London police officer with a taser is more likely to use force than an unarmed officer : 48

By which an unarmed officer accompanying an officer with a taser is more likely to use force : 19

Average percentage by which superheroes in films commit more acts of violence per hour than villains : 28

Minimum number of US pre-K12 students who experienced a lockdown during the 20172018 school year : 4,100,000

Percentage of US undergraduates who say they have found their academics “traumatic” over the previous twelve months : 52

Percentage of US parents under 50 who say it’s unlikely they will have more children : 71


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