Charlie Buttrey

September 16, 2023

It’s happened again. I have nothing of interest to pass along, and my daily blog deadline is looming. So I shall, as I often do in such circumstances, turn to the latest Harper’s Index for edifying factual tidbits to tide you over until next time.


Number of years by which the median American’s age has increased since 1980: 9

Percentage decrease since 2000 in the average global fertility rate: 15

Percentage of Americans 65 and older who believe their life advice should be compiled into a book: 41

Portion of Americans 65 and older who have used a dating app: 1/4

Who use social media every day: 2/3

Percentage by which people who are frequently lonely are at greater risk of premature death: 60

Percentage by which Europeans report less engagement at work than Americans: 62

By which Europeans report less stress than Americans: 26

Percentage of American adults who claim they have no secrets: 11

Factor by which those 65 and older are more likely than those under 30 to claim this: 3

Portion of Gen Z-ers who support the government installation of surveillance cameras in households to prevent crime: 3/10

Percentage change since 1995 in support for the FBI among Republicans: −65

Among Democrats: +40

Portion of first-time U.S. gun buyers during the pandemic who were women: 1/2

Who were people of color: 1/2

Minimum number of children newly exposed to guns at home since the start of the pandemic: 3,000,000

Portion of Americans who apologize for something out of their control at least once a day: 1/4

Percentage by which those who attend religious services weekly are more likely to do so: 72

Estimated percentage decrease this year in U.S. sales of engagement rings: 9

Of wedding dresses: 4

Percentage of physicians and surgeons who marry partners with the same profession: 19

Of lawyers who do: 13

Of janitors: 8

Portion of firefighters who are married to registered nurses: 1/10

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