Charlie Buttrey

May 19, 2022

Sometimes I take a deep dive into the interwebs and discover something that I simply MUST share with my loyal readers. Today is one of those days.

Johan de Witt was the highest-ranking official in the Dutch government during the hey days of the Dutch Republic, serving as Grand Pensionary from 1653 to 1672. Unfortunately for the Dutch (and, in particular, for de Witt), 1672 was a lousy year: France and England invaded, and an assassination attempt resulting in de Witt’s stabbing, and he resigned barely a month later.

That did not improve his lot.

Just three weeks after he resigned, he and his brother were attacked by a mob and both were killed.

But the story doesn’t end there.

The mob then… um… *ate* them.  Or at least their livers.  I am not making this up.

And Susan Collins complains because someone writes in chalk on the sidewalk outside her house….


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