Charlie Buttrey

March 17, 2020

A regular reader passed along a news item which belongs in the blog.

But first, since the statute of limitations has long since expired, I can make the following confession: When I was in high school, I had a fake i.d. that allowed me to buy alcohol even though I was not yet 18 (which was the legal drinking age at the time).

I may need fake i.d. again.

You see, if I choose to order a drink in a bar or restaurant in Gunnison County (Co.), I will be carded. And if I am 60 or older (which, alas, I am), they won’t just refuse to serve me; they will instruct me to leave.

It’s all a part of the county’s effort to protect old people like me from the coronavirus.

Think I can pass as a 59-year-old?

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