Charlie Buttrey

February 18, 2019

I have returned from an enlightening, entertaining and fascinating week in Puerto Rico.  A group of 11 of us stayed at a camp that was somewhat primitive but comfortable, and from there trekked in three parties to three house-sites, where we worked on the roofs (power-washing and sealing).

It’s been 18 months since Hurricane Maria and the people in these houses, like thousands of others, have not had a night in which the rain didn’t leak through their roofs into their homes.  In one house, there was a tarp set up inside the house to keep the floor dry during rainstorms, and a LOT of mold on the walls. Two children live there with their young mother.

It saddens me that the administration has evidently determined that the job is done in Puerto Rico, despite the intense need for a massive infusion of assistance; I understand that FEMA will be permanently leaving the island in a month or two.

The people I ran into were uniformly friendly and kind, and the vast majority of them were proud to be American.

But if this is how the government treats Americans in need, imagine how it must treat NON-Americans in need.

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