Charlie Buttrey

March 11, 2019

Once every couple of weeks I get an e-mail which follows the basic premise as the most recent one, which read, in pertinent part:

“Congratulations! Claude T. Buttrey You’ve Been Nominated for 2019!”

Wait! There’s more! It is their sincere pleasure to welcome me “into an elite community of highly accomplished attorneys like yourself who represent ‘the best of the best.'”

If you read on, you learn that you can be listed as a “Lawyer of Distinction,” entitling you to a neat-o plaque, the right to use the name in your publicity campaign, access to a Facebook group, and brochures to hand out at your office.

How elite is this community of “highly accomplished attorneys?”  Well, according to this website, it’s so elite that it accepted the application of a 3 1/2-month-old Golden Wyandotte named Zippy DeShickeen.

Oh, and “basic membership” will cost you $475.  “Distinguished Membership” (“the most popular” option) will set you back $775.

I could make my own plaque for a lot less.



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