Charlie Buttrey

January 24, 2021

Back when the Senate Majority Leader was hurriedly pushing through the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett in the dying weeks of the Trump Administration, I pondered in these pages whether, if the Democrats were to win the White House and gain control of both houses of Congress, there would be a push to expand the size of the Court. As I explained then, while the composition of the Court has been unchanged since Congress established a nine-member Court in 1869, there is nothing in the constitution that limits the Court to nine members. All it would take to expand the Court would be an act of Congress.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one thinking about this.

According to this article in the Charlotte Observer, the progressive activist group Demand Justice will launch a new TV ad Sunday demanding President Joe Biden expand the Court. Biden did say during the course of his campaign that he would form a commission to study proposals to add seats to the Supreme Court.

As a regular reader of this blog is wont to say, could be interesting….

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