Charlie Buttrey

April 7, 2021

At 82 years old, Justice Stephen Breyer is the oldest member of the U.S. Supreme Court by some ten years.  And as one of only three left-leaning members on the Court, it is almost certain that he will resign during the Biden Presidency.

Leading, naturally, to the question: Who might Biden select to fill the vacancy?

This article in Esquire provides as good a guess as anyone’s: Kentanji Brown Jackson.

Jackson, 50, is a Harvard-educated U.S. District Court judge whom Biden recently nominated to fill a vacancy on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, which has in the past been a stepping stone to the High Court (including, in recent years, Justices Ginsberg, Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Kavanaugh).

She would also be the first former Public Defender on the Court since… since… Thurgood Marshall, who retired from the bench in 1991.


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