Charlie Buttrey

September 3, 2019

In this age of endless school shootings, the Jefferson County (Colo.) school district is now giving teachers buckets and cat litter to have on hand in case children need to relieve themselves during a prolonged active-shooter lockdown, Sharpies for writing the time in which tourniquets were applied, and candy to help diabetic children with low blood sugar hiding in darkness.

Michigan’s Fruitport High School is taking it the next step: a $48 million building renovation designed to reduce the threat of active shooters. Hallways are curved to limit a gunman’s range, and classrooms have a “shadow zone” where students can cower out of sight of the doorway.

Says Superintendent Bob Szymoniak, “If I go to FPH and I want to be an active shooter, I’m going in knowing I have reduced sight lines.”

Why does that not make me feel better?

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