Charlie Buttrey

October 18, 2021

Carbon dioxide is one of the two main byproducts produced during the process of brewing beer.  And while I can’t imagine that this adds a whole lot to the world’s carbon overload, it’s nice to know that something can be done about it.

According to this article at VTDigger, the Alchemist, a Vermont brewery famous for its Heady Topper beer (which is, by the way, seriously good) recently installed a system in its Stowe brewery that captures the carbon byproduct, and then uses that gas to carbonate the beer.

The system is currently capturing enough to carbonate and package 1.8 million cans of beer a year, accounting for about half of the brewery’s production. Early next year, a similar system will be installed in the Alchemist’s Waterbury location, at which point the company with have captured the majority of its carbon emissions.

By the way, if you go to the website Rate Beer, you’ll see that Heady Topper earns a 100 rating (out of 100).

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