Charlie Buttrey

October 1, 2019

The missus and I crossed the Atlantic on the Queen Mary 2 this summer, and I have to say it was a blast, and something I’d certainly consider doing again sometime. Cunard would certainly like us back: the company has inundated us with emails offering us great deals on upcoming cruises, including visits to Scandinavia, Alaska, Oceania and elsewhere. And there’s an east-west crossing devoted to genealogy which I think might be fun.

Other cruise ships offer specialized trips, but I’ve never seen one quite like the “Contra Krugman Cruise” aboard the Celebrity Solstice. The trip is designed to appeal to fans of a podcast that spends its time rebutting New York Times columnist (and Nobel Prize winner) Paul Krugman.

The passengers come in “varying flavors of libertarian,” and Krugman, who they think represented “people who see the state as the solution and regulation as the answer,” is their animating hobgoblin.

On board, the hosts of the “Contra Krugman” podcast lead the passengers “through a week of economic seminars, libertarian party games, and Oxford-style debates on topics such as the merits of pacifism.” During a game of “Libertarian Pictionary,” “one team was laughing deliriously as it tried and failed to draw the Affordable Care Act.”

I’m still leaning toward the genealogy trip….

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