Charlie Buttrey

July 6, 2019

Amazing what one finds when one is mindlessly mining the interwebs….

In 1962, Frank Selak was on a train that was traveling from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik. It crashed and plunged into a river. 17 passengers were killed. Selak survived.

A year later, he was sucked out of the fuselage of a plane traveling from Zagreb to Rijeka shortly before the plane crashed, killing 19 people. Selak survived.

In 1966, he was on a bus that went off the road and into a river, killing four people. Selak survived.

In 1970, while driving alone, his car caught on fire. He managed to escape shortly before the fuel tank exploded and incinerated the vehicle. Selak survived.

In 1973, a faulty fuel pump sprayed gas all over the engine of another car of his while he was driving it, blowing flames through the air vents. Selak survived.

In 1985, he was hit by a city bus in Zagreb. Selak survived.

In 1996, he was driving on a mountain road when he turned a corner and saw a truck coming straight at him. He drove the car through the guardrail, jumped out, and landed in a tree — and watched as his car exploded 300 feet below. Selak survived.

In 2003, at the age of 74, Selak bought his first lottery ticket in forty years, and won more than $1 million. He ended up giving most of it away.

Some doubt the veracity of his stories (particularly those about the 1962 train crash and the 1963 airline disaster). But it sure makes for a good blog post.

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