Charlie Buttrey

February 19, 2021

Here’s a piece of good news from a surprising source. According to this article at the ESPN website, Roush Fenway Racing, for whom NASCAR drivers Ryan Newman and Chris Beuscher both race, has officially been certified as carbon-neutral.

Obviously, it doesn’t mean that the race cars are no longer generating carbon dioxide, but it does mean that Roush is taking measures to offset their carbon footprint by doing other things, such as recycling 90% of every race car, including oil, rubber, aluminum and carbon fiber; switching to LED lighting throughout its campus; reducing energy consumption costs through computer-controlled HVAC systems; installing reflective roofing membranes to reduce solar heat gain; capturing rainwater runoff at its facility for landscape irrigation; prohibiting idling; and converting the fleet of company cars to electric and hybrid vehicles (all manufactured by Ford, of course, for whom Roush exclusive races).

The achievement will be commemorated on Sunday at Daytona International Speedway with a special paint scheme on Ryan Newman’s car. The Ford is typically a dominant green with red accents when Castrol sponsors the No. 6, but Newman’s car will be stark white with a gray Castrol badge and muted logos from partners that supported the initiative. According to the article, as a condition of its partnership with Roush, Castrol mandated a contract clause that the team work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offset the balance.

If NASCAR can do it, anyone can.


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