Charlie Buttrey

July 16, 2021

While absentmindedly surfing the interwebs, I came across the tale of Pocho the crocodile. I’d never heard the remarkable story of Pocho, and perhaps neither have you.

The tale dates back to 1989 when, according to this entry in Wikipedia, a Costa Rican tour guide and naturalist by the name of Chito Shedden discovered a dying male crocodile on the banks of a nearby river.  The crocodile, which had been preying on a herd of cows, had been shot through the left eye by a local cattle farmer.  Shedden took the crocodile home in his boat.

For six months, Shedden fed the crocodile back to health, and slept with it at night, kissing, petting, hugging and talking to the creature.  Once Pocho’s health had improved, Shedden released the crocodile in a nearby river to return it to the wild. The next morning, however, Shedden awoke to find that the crocodile had followed him home and was sleeping on his veranda. Shedden decided to allow the crocodile to stay, where it remained a part of Shedden’s family for over 20 years before the crocodile died a natural death.

A lengthy video of this interesting story can be seen here.

The things you learn by reading this blog….

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