Charlie Buttrey

September 12, 2019

This article may be behind a pay-wall, so you’ll have to trust me on it.

Police in Bethlehem, New Hampshire are puzzled. Someone, it seems, has stolen the port-a-potty that was on the town green.

There was some initial confusion when the purloined port-a-potty came up missing, since there was the possibility that it had been inadvertently picked up by another portable toilet company.

It hadn’t.

The port-a-potty wasn’t particularly heavy, but would have been bulky and cumbersome to carry away, leading police officials to wonder how it was pilfered.

I’m frankly a lot less interested in the “how?” and a lot more interested in the “why?”

Which reminds me of this hilarious joke:

All the toilets seats at the police station were stolen. The thief is still at large, and the cops have nothing to go on.


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